Why not play D&D 4e or Gamma World!

I seem to have stumbled into being part of the burgeoning internet phenomenon of the 4e Renaissance, having been running 4e’s scrappy younger sibling Gamma World 7th Ed.

Currently the 4E Renaissance involves British people politely suggesting others might enjoy playing 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, or Gamma World (okay that’s mostly me), or, you know, any other RPG you like. So all very wholesome. Graham Spearing started it. and has written stuff at his blog here.

This seems a good excuse to say that, as well as runing Gamma World, I played in a wild and crazy 4e game a few years ago which was awesome and which interested parties could see the start of here. If you dig around at Adept Play there are further posts and videos and stuff.

I’m definitely planning to run 4e in some form, at some point so will try and write something here about prepping that when I finally get around to it.

The Big Mistake! or Running Gamma World 7th Ed!

Somewhat to my surprise I found myself running a game of Gamma World 7th Ed for some folks at Ron Edwards’ Adept Play website. Quick plug – Adept Play is a site all about actual play of tabletop RPGs, lots of videos of play sessions and also discussions about games, about play and even about game design. Drop by, its great fun.

As I had no idea what I was doing I hit the internet and found some useful resources for game – and followed a lot of dead links that made me sad, sorry if you find the same with the links here, linkrot is a curse. Anyway, so I at least have a chance of finding them again here are the most useful things I found:

A google doc of all the Alpha Mutation and Omega Tech cards

A WOTC article adding some rules for vehicles and road wars

There are some useful fan made resources here – including origin cards in the same style are the Alpha and Omega cards.

The person behind disappeared Bold Pueblo games made a lot of fan material for GW7 – some can still be found here

This Gamma World monster stat builder looks useful and might, if you look closely, clarify if GW monsters are a bit tougher than 4e monsters are as I darkly suspect, as its based off a long vanished analysis of the GW monster stats.

More collections of disappeared links are here, and here

I wanted a rules reference document but didn’t like any of the ones I found on line, as they all contained dubious rule interpretations and house rules I didn’t like, so I made my own – including my own dubious rule interpretations. It’s a work in progress and so, at some point, might also contain my house rules which you, in turn, can dislike.

(Nag me to add the onine character sheet we used here if you need it – it needs tidying up for use at the moment)

Preparing “Adventures” Gamma World out of the box (and it came in an actual box) assumes a pretty linear, fight through each room of the dungeon post apocalyptic insane robotic factory, structure to play. I’m took a slightly different approach based on something Ron said when we played 4th Ed D&D (which GW 7e is a variant of) previously. Paraphrasing, it’s a given play is going to be structured around lots of fights, so deciding who to fight, when and where and why, should be important – to a large extent that’s where the roleplaying is. Therefore, in my prep I’m trying to provide a landscape of potential threats, with interrelations between them, for the players to interact with… and then get into fights with. Basically, variations on Kurosawa’s Yojimbo.

If I get round to it, I will write something about creating actual encounters for this game, what went wrong, what I learned and especially converting and reskinning monsters out of 4e, which was fun.

Edited in – the Adept Play posts about this game, with links to the various Youtube videos of play are here